Child Care

Encourage Your Children to Eat Well

July 5, 2018

Making sure a child is eating healthily is both a priority and a challenge for care givers, and fussy eating can be stressful to deal with. There are many reasons why children may be refusing food, but it’s important not to give up, as a healthy and varied diet will ensure that your child receives all the […]

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Choosing Your Child’s Nursery

June 7, 2018

An Ofsted rating takes into account factors such as standards of care, safety, the nursery environment and child development and can provide a snapshot of a nursery and further information. Feel free to discuss this rating with the nursery, as well as details about any other relevant standards, certifications or awards so that you’re fully […]

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How to Pack a Nutritious Lunch Box

May 3, 2018

Nutrients that are required for bone growth and development are crucial, so aim to add a portion of calcium to your child’s lunch box. Try out non-dairy sources of calcium such as canned salmon or sardines, hummus made with white beans, chopped orange pieces or sesame seeds. The problem with fruit is that it can […]

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